NDLS Professor A.J. Bellia Publishes One of Virginia Law Review’s Most Influential Articles

NDLS Professor and Director of the Program on Constitutional Structure A.J. Bellia Jr. has been honored by the Virginia Law Review for co-authoring (with George Washington University Law Professor Bradford R. Clark) one of the most influential articles published by the Virginia Law Review in the past 100 years.

Bellia’s article, The Law of Nations as Constitutional Law, 98 Va. L. Rev. 729 (2012), explores the history and role of international law in U.S. courts under the Constitution. It was featured at the Virginia Law Review’s Centennial Symposium along three other articles: Fred Rodell, Goodbye to Law Reviews, 23 Va. L. Rev. 38 (1936); Ronald J. Gilson and Reinier H. Kraakman, The Mechanisms of Market Efficiency, 70 Va. L. Rev. 549 (1984); and Michael W. McConnell, Originalism and the Desegregation Decisions, 81 Va. L. Rev. 947 (1995).

Bellia and Clark both participated in a panel discussion about the article at the Virginia Law Review Symposium on March 28-29 at the University of Virgina School of Law.