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Welcome to the Program on Constitutional Structure

Randy Kozel

Welcome to the Notre Dame Law School Program on Constitutional Structure. Our Program helps Notre Dame law students obtain a world-class education in constitutional law. We host events at our South Bend and London campuses to examine pressing constitutional questions of domestic and global importance. We serve federal and state courts by educating first-rate judicial law clerks, attorneys, and other public servants.

Our mission is to advance interdisciplinary learning about how sound constitutional structures of government advance individual well-being and the common good. We support curricular programs of study, sponsor academic lectures and conferences, and engage with questions of constitutional development worldwide. By promoting the study of constitutional structures, we serve the needs of our students, the broader academic community, and the bench and bar—here and abroad.

Learn more here about our Program, including our students and faculty, our Public Law Program of Study, upcoming events, and faculty research. And then contact us and let us know if we can serve you.


Associate Dean Randy Kozel develops a theory of precedent in new book

In the American legal system, it’s a generally accepted view that judges should not disrupt the decisions of their predecessors unless they have a compelling reason to do so. The principle is known by the Latin phrase stare decisis – “to stand by things decided.” The goal is to preserve the law’s core without permanently entrenching every judicial mistake.

The key question is: When should judges break from precedent? After all, even Supreme Court justices disagree about the role of precedent in particular cases.

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Fri Oct 6, 2017

2017 Journal of Legislation Symposium: The Future of Executive Power


Location: McCartan Courtroom

Jleg Symposium 1

The event will be a panel discussion of the role the president plays in the government and how that role is expected to develop in the near future. The panelists are professors Martin Redish from Northwestern, Barry Sullivan from Loyola Chicago, and Stephen Smith and Jimmy Gurulé from Notre Dame. The moderator is professor Paulo Carozza.…

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Tue Nov 21, 2017

Clynes Chair Lecture - Cass Sunstein


Location: McCartan Courtroom

Cass Sunstein, the Robert Walmsley University Professor at Harvard Law School, will give a Clynes Chair lecture.  

Co-sponsored by the Program on Constitutional Structure.…

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