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Course Spotlight: Federalism

The Notre Dame Law School has long pursued excellence in Constitutional Law, and more broadly, in the field public law—the law that regulates the structure of government and its relations with individuals and foreign nations.  The Law School’s Program of Study in Public Law provides a foundational course of study for students interested in government lawyering, judicial clerkships, criminal justice, constitutional litigation, administrative regulation and adjudication, public policy, and many other public law fields.

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Notre Dame Law Professor to Lead One of University’s Inaugural On-Line Courses

This spring, the University of Notre Dame launched inaugural online courses with, a non-profit platform for online education.  The interactive massive open online courses (MOOCS) are designed to offer and enrich education for all. Program faculty member, Tricia Bellia, will be teaching one of the inaugural courses, “Understanding Wireless:  Technology, Economics, and Policy.” 

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