London Roundtable on Constitutional Interpretation

Location: Notre Dame London Center

The Program on Constitutional Structure will host a roundtable discussion on Constitutional Interpretation on Feb 5 at the Notre Dame London Center.

Presentations will include:

"Legislative Originalism" by Amy Barrett and John Nagle (Notre Dame)
Lead Commentator: Nicholas Barber (Oxford)

"The Misinterpretation of the ECHR: Against the 'Living' Instrument Doctrine" OR "Constitutional Statutes and the Principle of Legality" by Richard Ekins (Oxford)
Lead Commentator: Stephen Sachs (Duke)

"The Myth of Judicial Supremacy" by Aileen Kavanagh (Oxford)
Lead Commentator: Randy Kozel (Notre Dame)

"The Amendment, The Act and the Article: Reconstructing the Original Relationship of the Fourteenth Amendment, the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and Article IV" by Kurt Lash (U. of Illinois)
Lead Commentator: Oran Doyle (Trinity College Dublin)

"Constitutional Conventions" by Adam Perry (Oxford) and Adam Tucker (York)
Lead Commentator: Tara Leigh Grove (William & Mary)

"Enduring Originalism" by Jeff Pojanowski (Notre Dame) and Kevin Walsh (U. of Richmond, in absentia)
Lead Commentator: Andrea Pin (U. of Padua)

General Commentators: A.J. Bellia, John Finnis, and William Kelley (Notre Dame)