A Conversation with Andrea Simoncini, Pope Benedict XVI's Legal Thought


Location: Notre Dame Law School, Faculty Meeting Room

Join us for a conversation with Andrea Simoncini (University of Florence) on his most recent book, Pope Benedict XVI’s Legal Thought: A Dialogue on the Foundation of Law.

Thursday, September 17, 4 p.m.
Law School Faculty Meeting Room
Second floor of Eck Hall
Light refreshments provided

Throughout his pontificate, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI spoke to a range of political, civil, academic, and cultural authorities, revealing a striking sensitivity to the fundamental problems of law, justice, and democracy. Collectively, these addresses formulate a series of core ideas for a “public teaching” on the topic of justice and law.

Simoncini, a professor of constitutional law at the University of Florence, will be joined by book contributor Paolo Carozza (Notre Dame Law School).

Presented by the Center for Ethics and Culture, the Kellogg Institute, the Program on Constitutional Structure, and the Program on Church, State & Society.