Statutory Interpretation and Constitutional Structure

Location: Notre Dame London Law Centre

Jeff Pojanowski

On February 28, 2014, the Program will hold its annual roundtable conference at Notre Dame’s London Law Centre. The day-long conference, organized by Professor Jeffrey Pojanowski, will be themed “Statutory Interpretation and Constitutional Structure.”  It will feature the work of leading scholars on the role separation-of-powers considerations play in approaches to reading and applying legislation.  Six scholars based in U.K. institutions will join six American professors to discuss work on this important topic. Numbering among the first cohort will be scholars and jurists from Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand, and South Africa.  To encourage a comparative exploration of different branches of the Anglo-American legal tradition, the program will have American scholars serve as lead commentators on papers by their Commonwealth counterparts, and vice versa.

The conference participants are:

Donald Drakeman -- Princeton University
Richard Ekins -- University of Oxford
Aileen Kavanagh -- University of Oxford
Randy Kozel -- Notre Dame Law School
James Lee -- University of Birmingham (U.K.)
Nina Mendelson -- University of Michigan
Jeffrey Pojanowski -- Notre Dame Law School
Jan van Zyl Smit -- British Institute for International and Comparative Law
Hon Mr Justice Philip Sales -- High Court of Justice, Chancery Division (U.K.)
Lawrence Solan -- Brooklyn Law School
Lawrence Solum -- Georgetown University
Gregoire Webber -- London School of Economics