International Perspectives on Public Law

Location: Notre Dame London Law Centre

Randy Kozel

On October 18 and 19, 2013, Notre Dame law professor Randy Kozel will host a conference dedicated to exploring “International Perspectives on Public Law.”  The conference will bring together leading public-law scholars from the U.K. and U.S. to share research and ideas on issues of constitutional theory, administrative law, judicial decision-making, and beyond.  The event is designed as an opportunity to foster collaboration among public-law scholars across different legal systems.  Planned participants include: Josh Chafetz (Cornell University); Richard Ekins (St. John’s College, University of Oxford); Erin Fielding Delaney (Northwestern University); Bert Huang (Columbia University);  Leslie Kendrick (University of Virginia);  Jeff King (University College London); Randy Kozel (University of Notre Dame); Sophia Lee (University of Pennsylvania); George Letsas (University College London); Eva Nanopoulos (University of Cambridge); Matthew Stephenson (Harvard University); Paul Yowell (Oriel College, University of Oxford); and Grégoire Webber (London School of Economics and Political Science).